Why did you write the book

When I look around at the world, I get angry and upset that despite our undisputed intelligence, we’ve mismanaged our social organizations and the way we run the world and our lives, and in the process wasting huge sums of monies and countless lives as well as futures of many innocents getting unnecessarily stunted and needlessly having to put up with misery.

Our current social structures are the way they are as the end result of numerous compromises and back room deals done over centuries. There’s no reason to expect them to be the optimum structures, they’re really just there as a historic legacy - in addition technology has moved in leaps and bounds. As a consequence I’ve felt that as a world community we’ve failed to innovate and refresh our social structures that are now seriously dysfunctional. Having grown up with these structures in place most of us accept these to be the norm or as unchangeable given’s.

Although many can see the issues, yet the majority choose to look the other way. I ended up feeling somewhat like the boy in “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, with major wrongs and nonsense swirling around, yet no one grasping the mettle. Like the boy in that story, this book is my attempt to speak out and attempt to restore sanity.

I’m an optimist and believe with the right will we can overcome all these issues as they are of our making, and don’t involve breaking any fundamental laws of physics. My motivation was to outline the issues and bring them into the open, and to think creatively, with no boundaries or preconceptions, and come up with pragmatic solutions, with the aim of inspiring others to pick up the baton and work towards making some of these solutions jump off the page and take shape in the real world.