Hope you like the illusion on the cover, all the lines are straight and parallel!

The idea behind it is that much of what we see in the world today as fixed in concrete is actually an illusion, and so we can change it if enough people get behind the change.

Back Cover Text

Have you ever wondered what the world might be if you had
the power to make any change? You might have held back,
thinking there to be too many obstacles. In the author’s view
those obstacles are an illusion and unhindered by any political
or social affiliations, he’s thought through what would be the
ideal solution were we to start from a blank piece of paper.
The result is a radical set of ideas that can act as disruptive
social engineering, as powerful as the major technical
innovations, with the ability to transform our world.

If written a few hundred years ago, the author would be in prison.
It’s testament to our democracy that you’re able to buy this book. However
even today, in many parts of the world the author would be behind bars
and that forms one of the threads - how to ensure we all enjoy the same
high standards of political and economic freedom and human rights.

Be prepared to have your entire view of the world challenged.