There are two print books available - one printed in the UK and the other in the US. The UK is a traditional book in the sense there are a batch printed in advance. The US book is a print on demand book and so in theory would never be out of stock.

UK:  Best place to purchase is from the Matador web shop as they are the publishers and so will always be in stock as long as in print.


US: Best place to purchase it is from the CreateSpace web shop.


International: Please purchase it from Create Space.

I also have an eBook available on the Kindle format available form Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

(Note: the pdf for the eBook was uploaded and converted automatically to Kindle e-Book format. It should be ok as the conversion was successful, however I've learnt the automatic conversion can get mixed up converting tables of data and as a precaution am getting a team at Amazon to do a manual conversion. Once it's done and uploaded, I'll remove this note)