Had this book been written a few hundred years ago, its author would by now be in prison. Had he managed to escape the clutches of the political classes, the Religious authorities would have done for him. It’s testament to our democracy and free speech that you’re able to buy this book. However even today, in many parts of the world the author would find himself behind bars for having written this book, and that forms one of the threads of the book - how do we ensure all of us enjoy the same high standards of political and economic freedom, and human rights.

Apart from the inequalities, as a global community we’re facing issues such as global warming, religious divide, terrorism, corruption and poverty and even in the affluent west people increasingly find life turning into a rat race. Often these issues arise from a fundamental structural mismatch where as a world we’ve outgrown the capacity of our foundations to bear the new social loads placed upon it. However most of us accept these issues to be the norm or unchangeable given’s - in the same way as a child born within a prison knows no other reality and will happily play, oblivious to the prison walls.

It’s as if we’re on a giant set of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, most can see the problems, but we’re all too busy leading our lives to get involved. The politicians too have their heads down focussed on short-term priorities and electoral goals, with everyone passing the buck and no one focussing on truly ground-breaking solutions. The publishing of this book is like the moment when the boy in the crowd pointed out the Emperor had no clothes on, and is a wake up call for us all.

The book also deals with our spiritual organisation, looking at religions and god and asking some of the big questions.

The book is more than a mere catalog of issues, in each case the author has moved on from identifying the issues to developing and proposing innovative, radical and pragmatic solutions creating an agenda and route map for change.

As a society we’ve developed huge technical innovations from splitting the atom to sending space ships to far off planets and the Internet. However when it comes to our own social organization we’ve failed to show the same innovative streak and have lived with problems and issues that have come to appear intractable.

Unhindered by any political or social affiliations, the author’s been able to think on what would be the ideal solution were we to start with a blank piece of paper. The result is a radical set of ideas and approach that if implemented can act as disruptive social engineering, every bit – if not more - powerful as the major technical innovations, and with the ability to transform our world.

It’s highly likely the book will also transform peoples’ thinking and the way they see the world. The author himself was not immune either, having changed his views on God during the course of writing the book.