The Readers

Anyone with a social conscience and bothered about the world around them. People who’re concerned about the lack of harmony in our world, inequality, religious and racial intolerance, and the fortunes wasted on war and defence and lives cut short prematurely.

The readers will be people who have one or more of the following concerns or interests.

  • Concerned about global poverty and looking for a way for resolving it.
  • Interested in global politics and wanting a fresh perspective.
  • Concerned about the lack of free trade and wishing to see speedy progress.
  • Concerned about the lack of engagement with politics and looking for a fresh way of organizing politics.
  • Concerned about the lack of female representation in politics and looking for a way to deal with this.
  • Bothered about the huge amounts of monies spent on defence and looking for an alternative solution to conflicts.
  • Concerned about genocides, and interested in solutions to stop future genocides.
  • Worried about Global Warming and its impact and looking for a solution.
  • Concerned about inter religion strife, and looking for a way to bring it all together.
  • Interested in finding out more about Happiness and looking for a way of making themselves happier.
  • Concerned about their work life balance and seeking a more complete life.
  • Interested in making the world better managed, more stable and prosperous.

The readers will also be people in organizations dealing with the above concerns, who’re looking for new ways of dealing with these issues.